Evoor Temple


Evoor Vishu Darshanam conducting every year by "ANUSTANAM" - Kshtrakala Samskarika Samithi(Temple Cultural Organisatoina) in the first day of malayalam month 'Medam'.

The history of the temple is related to the Khandava fire in Mahabharata. Pleased in the Arjun’s activities Agni Deva consecrated the idol with the help of Arjuna and transferred the “aura” on to this idol. The consecration has been closely connected to the Vishu Sankranti in Medam wherein the God Surya changes its direction to increase in the quantum of Aura on the moorthy of Agni Deva It is believed that those who see Lord Krishna on Vishu with all items (Metal-Letters-Vegetables-Light-Pulses etc) will be blessed for the rest of life. Since the Moorthy was consecrated by Lord Krishna in Dwapara Era, it is also believed that if a devotee see the Moorthy on Vishu, his/her wishes will be fulfilled and his/her sins will be forgiven.

The Vishu Darsanam today is a result of a revelation to a member of Karazhma family. He dreamt that a small boy, with coins in a bronze vessel, came out from the Sanctum of the temple and distributes the coins to the devotees. On describing the dream to his father who was the eldest in the family,the member got to know some more such experiences. There was a tradition of giving coins on the Vishu day to the devotees by the temple priest. Later on along with coins the Trimaduram ( banana mixed with Honey, jiggery, Sugar and Ghee) was also distributed to the devotees. It has been believed that Trimaduram got medicinal value due to Lord’s offering. Later on with passage of time, Devaswam has stopped this custom and they started charging for such offering. After some years this custom was totally stopped. The “dream” has a wonderful effect on some devotees who have a thought again in mind to re-start the erstwhile customs of Vishu. The dream and its effect encouraged them to bring that to the notice of eminent astrologers who have agreed that the Lord was pleased by the erstwhile customs. Gradually the custom has come to effect though the three members who have relentlessly worked for this had to face a lot of hardships. But they overcome all these with the blessings of Lord and their testimonies prove that. Later on many devotees have come forward for this cause and offered their whole hearted help. Thus Evoor Vishu Darsanam is now world famous.