Evoor Temple


Anushtanam Kshtrakala Samskarika Samithi
Anushtanam means rituals, especially those performed in temples. We aim at the revival and popularisation of classical art forms of kerala, in purticular, which were formerly performed only within temple permises. With the passage of time, these art forms alien to our culture and heritage. As a result, the present generation itself has been showing a trend to ridicule our traditional art forms and artists. If this goes on, we fear, that by the advent of the next century, these art forms would certainly become extinct. Should this be allowed to happen? we asked this question ourselves. The answer was No - so a few like - minded launched " anushtanam" - in memory of Evoor Sankara Rama Iyer, the doyen in the field of ashtapathy rendering, Sankara Rama Iyer with his dep voice and mellifluous rendering of the padams from Jayadevas 'Githa Govindam', raised this ritual to the levels of a classical art form. Anushtanam launched on 04th ay 1997 has established itself in the cultural map of Kerala with host of performances of Koodiyattom, Kathakali, Chakyarkoothu and Concerts, in addition to seminars on the various aspects of different art forms. Anushtanam proposes to institute Evoor Sankara Rama Iyer awardevery year for a performing artist, for his contibutions in this field. Also planing to institute another award for an up-coming artisit in this field. Anushtanam also plans to hold demonstrations, lectures and performances in schools and colleges to make our young generation aware of our rich heritage and culture.

Sreekrishna Geetha Samithi
Established on 1120 - malayalam year, take care the library on Hindu religious books. Conducting religious study centre-Geetha Classes and discussion on every Sunday, Akhanda Nama Japam –on 1st of Every Malayalam Month. Recitation of Bhagavatham- Every Rohini Star day of Malayalam Months. Malayalam Month Chingam-Ashtami Rohini-Saptaham Yajnjam, Procession from Ramapuram Goddess’ Temple and Kathakali. Also conducting Vaisakha Ekadasi and Daily Vedanta study

Evoor Sapthahayenja Samithi
Established on 1992. Conducting Sreemad Sapthahayenjam which comes to and end on Mandalakala Samapanam (41)

Sreekrishna Narayaneeya Samithi
Conducting the study and parayanam of Narayaneeyam in the temple. Coordinating the Moola Bhagavatha Sapthahaynjam in the month of Thulam malayalam year. Also conducting narayaneeya parayanavum in other important days in temple.

Annadana Samithi
Established on 1995, this organisation arranging the kanji saday to the childrens of mathapadashala(school for studying religious thoughts). Now they established an dconducting kanjisadya every sunday.

Vishnu Vinayaka Aana Premi Sangam
Recently formed an organisation, they conducting 'Gajamela' in the time of temple annual festival.

Evoor South, Evoor North and Evoor North West are the karakal. 7th day of thiru ulsavam conducted by Evoor South kara. 8th day of thiru ulsavam conducted by Evoor North kara. 9th day of thiru ulsavam conducted by Evoor North West kara.