Evoor Temple


Velakali is originated from the martial arts in Kerala. Velakali is considered as a leisure art. It is performed by men in some of the temples like Ambalapuzha, Takazhi Sree Dharmashasta Temple, Evoor Sreekrishna Swami Temple. The dancers clad in traditionalclothes and colourful headgear of the medieval Nair soldiers, engagein dynamic movements and expert sword play. There are many legendsrelated to the origin of Velakali and the important one is that onceLord Krishna was playing with his friends in a pond full of lotus flowers. Later on they have come on the bank with lotus leaves andbuds and were playing. That time Narada, who was coming that, way has seen this and he was pleased by this. Narada has advised Villvamangalam who ardently wanted the keralties to be Krishna Devotees, to start this play at all Vishnu Temples. After that while praying to Lord Krishna, Villvamangalam had seen Lord Krishna played with his friends. With this Villavamangalam campaigned for this play at all Vishnu temples in Kerala. They have adopted the Sword and shield in place of Lotus Buds and leaves. The martial arts of Kerala has influenced this form a lot and Velakali is still being performed in the present form in many temples located in South Kerala with great vigour.