Evoor Temple


Kathakali is a stylized classical Indian dance-drama noted for the attractive make-up of characters, elaborate costumes, detailed gestures and well-defined body movements presented in tune with the anchor playback music and complementary percussion. It originated in the country's present day state of Kerala during the 17th century and has developed over the years with improved looks, refined gestures and added themes besides more ornate singing and precise drumming.The themes of the Kathakali are religious in nature. They typically deal with the Mahabarat, the Ramayana and the ancient scriptures known as the Puranas. This is performed in a text which is generally Sanskritised Malayalam.

May 1, 2014. Kalamandalam, the deemed university, has started its Kathakali course at Evoor Temple’s study center. The first batch started in a modest function held at the center which is located on the side of National Highway. The famous Maddala Artist Kala Ratnam Varanasi Vishnu Namboothiri lighted the lamp. The program was conducted in presence of Dr. Mankulam Vishnu Namboothiri, Executive Member who represented Kalamandalam. Later on Kalamandalam Krishna Prasad gave lessons on Ranga Vadhanam.. The first batch had 18 students with age ranging from 10 to 20. The students were from various back ground i.e. school children to B.Tech students and they were from nearby villages. There were 28 applicants and 18 were selected for the batch. The courses were in the evening on week days in order to help the students to have a balanced study life. The duration of the course was one year. The study center has already planned to start more course in the coming years.