Evoor Temple


When we search the grass root of Evoor Sapthaham, we find that it connected to Kannamangalam Velukutthy Ashan, who was an eminent scholar in Vedas and also a Chenda artist. He has reached this temple from Kannamangalam through Mr Anaperoor Goplapillai who was the caretaker of this temple. A family named Karazhma Kumbam was the right holder of this temple during earliest days. In that family, there was a widow named Kuttiyamma, who was childless and due to fact that no one will be there in the next generation to take care of this temple, Velukutty married Kuttiyamma with the intervention of Mr Anaperoor Gopala Pillai to support the family. Gradually Sri Velukitty settled down at Evoor and started the various activities related to Hindu religion by including the famous scholars nearby Mattathu kunjukuruppu Ashan, Changattu Swami, Puthur Narayana Pillai, Vaduthala Keshava Pillai and Akkeerethu Raman Pillai. He started a gathering of intellectuals to discuss the various aspects of religion and vedas, which has become popular in those days. Since Kuttiyamma was not having any child, they have planned to conduct a Bhagavatha Parayanam and Kathakali to have the blessings of Lord Krisha. In malayalam year Medam 1102 on the day Rohini they started the Bhagavatha Parayanam and Kathakali. The Kathakali was based on Santhanagopalam and Duryodana Vadam performed by eminent Kathakali Artist Guru Chengannur and his team. Mr. Velukutty Asan accompanied the team with his handful skill of Chenda.

Afterwards on every Rohini day, bhagavatha parayam was being conducted without any break and later on this has known as Rohini Koottam. In the malayalam year 1103, Chingam Rohini Koottam decided to conduct the Bhagavath Payaram for 7 days as Saptaham and the tradition still continues to having end on the Rohini day. In the malayalam year 1104, Vrichikam, Kalarikkal Kuttiyamma gave birth to a boy child. It is believed that the boy was the blessing of Lord Krishna and gradually there were more takers for the Saptaham and Kathakali to have blessings. Velukutty named the boy Haridasan. With this, the popularity of Bhagavatha Saptaham and Kathakali reached to the nearby areas and more devotees were attracted to conduct the offerings for the blessings of Lord Krishna.

Evoor Sapthaham

With passage time, there was a need for starting a religious school for teaching the religious thoughts and with great effort of Mozhoor Keshava Pillai, Thekkamadam Ambiswami Ramakrishna Ayyar, Munshi Kollaka Neelakanda Panickar a school was started in the Ezhu Pura which is in the South side of the temple. In 1120 the Rohini Koottam accepted the name of Shri Krishna Geetha Samithi to have an organized structure and later on it has been affiliated to Dewasom Board. The saptaham is being conducted since last 90 years without any break with the blessings of all those who have wholeheartedly worked for this.